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Opuntia ficus indica ( Reptile Food )

Opuntia ficus indica (Order by the pound with a 3 lb. minimum @$7.50 Lb.)

Cactus Food for Reptiles such as Tortoises and Iguanas. Also a popular cactus for human consumption. We grow this cactus without chemicals and eat ourselves and feed to our own turtles. Opuntias are a major food source for Tortoises in the wild and are ideal for nearly all Tortoise species and many other reptiles such as Iguanas and other lizards.  High in calcium, vitamin C and fibre. Feed whole pads to larger reptiles or cut into long strips or cubes about 1/4″ wide for baby turtles and smaller replies.

Feed the cuttings directly to your reptiles or plant and grow and have a non-ending fresh supply. Plant is heat tolerant and requires little to no water. Hardy to 18°F. Tree like opuntia grows rapidly to 16′ tall with heat, water and sun.

Opuntia ficus indica have no large spines. The plant is high in calcium and fiber and low in protein and fats. Has a long shelf life if refrigerated after arrival. Can last for weeks or longer properly stored.