Phoenix Desert Seeds

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Northwest Native Wildflower Mix

Mix may vary from the indicated listing, based on availability of individual species:

Clarkia amoena / Dwarf Godetia A Pink-White
Clarkia unguiculata / Clarkia A Pink/Lavender
Collinsia heterophylla / Chinese Houses A White/Violet
Eschscholzia californica / California Poppy TP Yellow/Orange
Gilia capitata Globe / Gilia A Blue
Gilia tricolor / Bird’s Eyes A Lavender-White
Layia platyglossa / Tidy-Tips A Yellow-White
Linanthus grandiflorus /  Mountain Phlox A White/Lavender
Lupinus densiflorus aureus / Yellow Lupine A Yellow
Lupinus polyphyllus / Russell Lupine P Mixed
Nemophila maculata / Five-Spot A White-Purple
Nemophila menziesii / Baby Blue-Eyes A Blue