Phoenix Desert Seeds

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Northeast Native Wildflower Mix

Mix may vary from the indicated listing, based on availability of individual species:

Aster novae-angliae / New England Aster
Coreopsis lanceolata / Lance-Leaved Coreopsis  
Gaillardia pulchella / Annual Gaillardia
Liatris spicata / Gayfeather
Lupinus perennis / Perennial Lupine
Penstemon digitalis / Smooth Penstemon
Aquilegia canadensis / Eastern Columbine
Asclepias tuberosa / Butterfly Milkweed
Aster laevis / Smooth Aster
Aster ptarmicoides / White Upland Aster
Rudbeckia triloba / Brown-Eyed Susan
Solidago rigida / Rigid Goldenrod
Zizia aurea / Golden Alexander