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Moist Climates Wildflowers Mixture

Moist Climates Wildflowers Mixture. A popular mixture of annuals and perennials suitable for areas that receive over 30 inches of rainfall or irrigation annually.  Soil should dry between watering. These species will not prosper in swamy, moist, saturated or wet soils. Does great with excessive rain provided soil does get some drainage.

Mix contains Baby Blue Eyes, Black-Eyed Susan, Candytuft, Chinese Forget-Me-Not, Chinese Houses, Clarkia, Columbine, Forget-Me-Not, Gayfeather, Johnny Jump-Up, Lance-Leaved Coreopsis, Lemon Mint, Purple Coneflower, Rocket Larkspur, Scarlet Flax, Shasta Daisy, Siberian Wallflower and Tree Mallow.
Planting rate: 8 oz./1000 sq. ft.; 11-22 lbs./acre.