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Bird and Butterfly Seed Mixture

Bird and Butterfly Seed Mixture

Annual and perennial mixture for the backyard habitat to attract birds and butterflys.  Flowers in this mix display colorful blooms all season long as well as nectar and seed for songbirds, hummingbirds and butterflies.

Mix contains Black-Eyed Susan, Blanketflower, California Poppy, Candytuft, China Aster, Dwarf Cornflower, Dwarf Godetia, Dwarf Plains Coreopsis, Dwarf Red Coneflower, Gayfeather, Indian Blanket, Lance-Leaved Coreopsis, Lemon Mint, Perennial Lupine, Purple Coneflower, Rocket Larkspur, Scarlet Sage, Showy Milkweed, Siberian Wallflower and Sweet Alyssum.

Planting rate: 11-22 lbs./acre, 8 oz. /1000 sq. ft.