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Alternative Lawn Mix

H. Zell

Alternative Lawn Mix
A mixture that can be used as a flowering lawn or
low growing ground cover. Fine leaf fescues and flowering
clovers are a great alternative to the traditional
grass lawn.

Anthemis nobilis (Roman Chamomile / White)
Bellis perennis (English Daisy / White/Rose)
Chrysanthemum multicaule (Yellow Daisy)
Chrysanthemum paludosum (Creeping Daisy / White)
Eschscholzia caespitosa (Dwarf California Poppy / Yellow)
Festuca ovina (Sheep Fescue / Green)
Lobularia maritima (Sweet Alyssum / White)
Nemophila maculata (Five-Spot / White-Purple)
Nemophila menziesii (Baby Blue-Eyes / Blue)
Saponaria ocymoides (Soapwort / Pink)
Thymus serpyllum (Creeping Thyme / Lavender)
Trifolium fragiferum (Strawberry Clover / Pink)
Viola cornuta (Johnny Jump-Up / Purple/Yellow/Blue)

Planting Rate/acre 12 lbs.
Planting Rate for 1/2 acre or less 4 oz./1000 sq. ft.
Seeds/lb. 448,000